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Be Found on Google Earth for the iPhone

According to Google, more people use Google Earth on the iPhone than on the Mac.

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The same Place Page business listing that shows in search results shows on Google Earth. With a Lomotron Master Profile linked to your business listing, your customers will automatically see your profile formatted for their iPhone.

Attention Business Owners:

Google Knows Where Your Customers Are - Literally!

Google is becoming the new YellowPages and Lomotron will help your business get out in front. Google knows where your customer is located and automatically delivers business listings, not just web page results. Even if you don't have a web site, your business information is being shown on the Internet by Google, based on the YellowPages and other directories. Businesses, of all sizes, can NOT ignore the growing use of Local and Mobile Search. Contact us now to ensure you don't drive any more of your customers to your competition!

Google "Understands" What Searchers Want

Google is used for about 70% of the billions of web searches performed each month throughout North America. The Google searchbox forms part of most people's web browser and is being used more and more as the single source for finding anything anywhere on the Web. One of the greatest features of Google Search is its ability to "understand" what users mean by the words they use in their search and return relevant results in an instant. That ability has been extended to finding local businesses based on who, what and where they are. A simple search for "pizza" used to return mostly useless results based on the fact that "pizza" appeared somewhere on a web site. Today, a search for "pizza" will be interpreted as meaning that the searcher is looking for a pizza to be delivered to where they are. Google will now include a list of pizza restaurant business listings along with a map and put it ahead of the less useful web sites. The process uses data from the YellowPages and matches search terms to business categories so it works across virtually all types of businesses in all locations.

Lomotron "Understands" What Google Wants

Google Local Search has been around since 2004 and Lomotron has been there from the beginning. The clear statement from Google was that, in the future, Local and Mobile Search were to become the dominant factors in what people would look for online and what devices they would use to find it. That future has arrived and Lomotron has the technology to bring your business into it overnight.  Our unique approach is to provide a "Master Profile" built specifically to deliver the content that local searchers are looking for and to work equally well on computers and mobile devices. The Master Profile is linked to your Google Local Business Listing which has been optimized as part of our service.