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Be Found on Google Earth for the iPhone

According to Google, more people use Google Earth on the iPhone than on the Mac.

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The same Place Page business listing that shows in search results shows on Google Earth. With a Lomotron Master Profile linked to your business listing, your customers will automatically see your profile formatted for their iPhone.

What Lomotron Will Do

For Your Business

You don't need to know anything about the Internet, Web Design or Mobile Technology. Your business will enter the Local/Mobile world overnight. For many businesses, their Lomotron Master Profile is all the web presence they need. If you have an existing web site, it will be one click away from your uniquely branded Master Profile. The only constant on the Internet is change. Let Lomotron put your business on the World Wide Map and keep it there.

Google has changed the way Search works

Google Searchbox


The Google Searchbox is part of most people's Web Browser. They use it to find web sites, information and, more and more often, to find local businesses offering the products and services they need.

Local versus Organic Search Results

If a search looks like it has "Local Intent", Google will insert Local business listing information along with the old "Organic" Web search results. Google uses information from business listing aggregators and uses it in their Local Business Center along with information provided by business owners and certain other sources. Local business listings are completely separate from web sites.

Mobile Search Is Growing

Your Business Needs to be Here.

Recent surveys indicate that 93% of Local Searchers use their mobile devices (smartphones, cellphones, PDAs) to find local business information. They expect that the results they find will show on their mobile browser. Lomotron makes sure they are not disappointed.

Who,What and Where

People look for businesses by name (Who) and their location (Where) about as often as they look for a business by a specific product or service (What) and their location. Google looks for these elements in the search to determine "Local Intent".  More and more Google's Geolocation Services already know where a computer or cell phone is located at the beginning of a search. 

Search by Business Name (Who and Where)

Search For A Business By Type (What and Where)

What LoMoTron Has Done For Local Businesses

Since 2006, GeorgianBaySelect, powered by Lomotron, has been putting local businesses in Google Local Maps with outstanding results. Below are examples of what we have done for both very large and very small businesses in one region.

Walmart Supercentre, Wasaga Beach

Google mapping is not always perfect. In the case of the Wasaga Beach Walmart Supercentre, their Business Listing location was completely innacccurate and their head office was unable to help them.

Copper Blues Bar & Grill, Blue Mountain

Copper Blues is one of the premier restaurants in the Village at Blue. Unfortunately, their location did not show up in Google Maps at all.  GeorgianBaySelect.com corrected this problem and truly put Copper Blues on the World Wide Map!

Pizza Hut, Collingwood

Pizza Hut, Collingwood, now has its own unique micro site to meet the expectations of Local/Mobile searchers. In the first six months of keeping statistics, 62% of the searchers were looking specifically for Pizza Hut in Collingwood. It makes good business sense to be where your customers are looking for you.

Kalola Boutique & Spa, Collingwood

Getting your listing seen in a very competitve category takes a deep understanding of the Local Search process. Kalola's Collingwood location often ranks number one for their category and recieves thousands of views.

Doug's Lawn Care and Snow Plowing, Wasaga Beach

Doug's Lawn Care is an example of a business that had zero web presence and now consistently shows number one in Local Search results.

Local/Mobile Micro Site

All About U - Esthetics by Lee Ann demonstrates how effective a Micro-site can be used as a primary website for a small business.  The link to a YouTube video adds another visual along with all of her services and price information.