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Be Found on Google Earth for the iPhone

According to Google, more people use Google Earth on the iPhone than on the Mac.

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The same Place Page business listing that shows in search results shows on Google Earth. With a Lomotron Master Profile linked to your business listing, your customers will automatically see your profile formatted for their iPhone.

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Google Local Business Listings are the most important source for finding a Local Business online. Customers know exactly what they are looking for! With Lomotron, you will broaden your customer base and increase sales. Millions of customers use the Internet to find products and services. Your business needs online visibility and your business needs Lomotron to make that happen.

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What is included in my Master Profile?

Every Master Profile includes:

  • Master Profile Page
  • Map Page
  • Logo
  • Image 250x250
  • Email Contact Page
  • Promotion Page
  • Website Link
  • Mobile version link
  • Google Place Page Business Listing Submission
  • Master Profile Site submitted to Google index

The annual cost is only $349! What are you waiting for?

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New! QRcodes included in Master Profile

New! QRcodes included in Master Profile

Quick Response codes (QRcodes) are fast gaining in popularity. A Smartphone sees the code using its camera and launches your mobile website page without any keying. Use your QRcode in print ads to connect directly with your customers.