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Founded in 2005, Lomotron recognized that Google would remain the reigning Search Engine

Co-founders David Snell, Laura Snell, and Henning Geiler realized that Google was poised to take over the local business directory market on an universal scale. They also recognized that mobile phones would quickly replace laptops as the preeminent tool for accessing the Internet.

Lomotron is the new business model that compliments what Google is developing with Local Search. We don't compete with Google in any way; we provide our clients with enhanced Mobile Friendly Local Business listings on Google. This helps our clients rank higher, rise out of Google obscurity, and flourish in this new Local Search Frontier.

Lomotron started out with GeorgianBaySelect.com as our proof of concept; GeorgianBaySelect.com is growing steadily and its clients in this region are realizing Real Business Results.

Local business needs an affordable, effective advertising option to drive sales. Local Searchers are Ready-to-Buy Local Customers. Lomotron drives sales growth for our clients by ensuring that they are found on Google Local/Mobile/Map Results.

Lomotron delivers customized, results-driven, and affordable advertising for business while supplying comprehensive and relevant results for consumers. We do this for any type of business, any size of business, anywhere in the world. Lomotron means Business.